Music to encourage,
uplift, and inspire.

 YouTube Licensing

Gabrielle Aapri's music may currently be used on YouTube videos which are short (10:00 or less in length) and contain content which is in line with her mission statement of encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring her listeners.

You may currently use Gabrielle Aapri's music on short YouTube videos for free with the condition that you credit her in the video and video description. Read more on how to credit.

This license does not extend to videos which contain material which Gabrielle would not be comfortable sharing with she and her husband's young children. Specifically, language, violence, nudity/sexual content, and all occultic references and practices are not licensed or permitted.

Please read License Details for information about how to credit Gabrielle Aapri and additional restrictions on this license.

  All Other Licensing

For all other licensing questions, please contact Gabrielle Aapri via e-mail.

License Details

How to Credit

Gabrielle Aapri must be credited in the following way at the beginning or end of the film.

"Song Title"

Courtesy of Gabrielle Aapri